Metaswitch Networks



 Metaswitch is the world’s leading cloud native communications software company, constructively disrupting the way service providers build, scale, innovate, and account for communication services. Our award-winning solutions power more than 1,000 service provider networks.

Our ability and agility

At Metaswitch, we develop commercial and open-source software solutions that are constructively disrupting the way service providers build, scale, innovate, and account for communication services. Our cloud-native communications software is designed from the ground up to run on commodity hardware in private, public and hybrid clouds. We package our software into solutions that are redefining consumer and business communications while transforming communication networks. Through constant innovation, Metaswitch delivers a suite of cloud native software-based, open, scalable network functions that enable service providers to remain relevant by streamlining their network operations, improving their cost-efficiency and enabling the rapid introduction of new applications and services.

Metaswitch is financially stable, self-sufficient and independent. This allows us to enjoy the confidence of network operators of all sizes when supporting them on complex projects, while remaining nimble enough to react more quickly than our competitors to market changes and technology transitions.

Our success stems from a unique combination of our deep experience in software engineering, with superbly agile development capabilities; an extremely highly-regarded support team; and financial and organizational stability, based on a foundation of recruiting and retaining talented and enthusiastic employees, and rewarding them fairly for their contribution.

We combine the best attributes of a nimble startup and a seasoned market leader. We have a 34-year history of providing high-performance, hardware-independent software to the communications industry, while solving its most difficult problems. Our communications software solutions are critical elements of the equipment of the leading industry telecom equipment manufacturers, as well as the networks of the world’s leading network operators, underpinning their most advanced data and voice services.

Our talent

Metaswitch attracts and retains exceptional engineering talent. We deliberately seek out and recruit the most talented graduates to join our software engineering team.

This team of more than 300 individuals has an envied and proven ability to work with established and evolving network protocols and architectures, while also adopting the most agile approaches to software development for rapid, continuous product delivery and enhancements.

Our engineering team leads the industry in the development of cloud native network functions that are built on reusable components, communicate through open programming interfaces, scale elastically, self-heal, integrate easily into best of breed operational support systems and provide cost-effective redundancy. The team also contributes to many industry ecosystems, with strong views on how platforms can be enhanced to make them fit for purpose in large-scale network environments.

Why we are unique

While NFV and SDN promise opex and capex savings, agility, rapid time to revenue for new services, and freedom from vendor “lock in,” most of today’s NFV solutions cannot deliver these benefits because they have not been architected from the ground up for the cloud. These solutions merely port legacy monolithic software into virtual machines, bringing legacy problems and paradigms along with. They are not cloud native.

In contrast, cloud native communications software allows service providers to take full advantage of public, private and hybrid cloud infrastructures, deliver carrier-grade performance from IT-grade data centers and meet the innovation, agile service creation and cost efficiencies promised by NFV.

Our expertise in the development of cloud native communications software enables service providers to fully realize the breakthrough economics, speed, simplicity and scale benefits that have been promised by NFV and SDN in the move to real-time communications in the cloud.

Our Promises

Backed by 34 years of steady, profitable growth, a global customer base of wireline, wireless, cable and enterprise network operators, and seasoned business and engineering leadership, Metaswitch is the cloud native communications software provider most capable of helping network operators realize the full economic, operational and technology benefits of becoming cloud-based and software-centric.

Metaswitch is backed by investments from Sequoia Capital and Francisco Partners. The Metaswitch Employee Benefit Trust also holds a substantial ownership position for the benefit of all employees and their families. Through the EBT, all employees share in our success.

We lead the vendor community in the development of key cloud native software that helps deliver our exciting range of mobile, fixed and enterprise solutions. These software-based technologies include multi-service application servers, softphones and UC clients, message stores, session border control, IMS core and access functions, media gateways, and analytics.

The world’s most forward thinking operators are building on Metaswitch to deliver innovative business, consumer and Internet of Things (IoT) communication services over the mobile and fixed broadband connections of today and tomorrow.