Pastels Inc. was originally founded in 1989 with the primary focus of supplying corporate gifts and premiums. In recent years, through its IP Solutions arm, the company has diversified to become of one of the Philippines’ pioneering VOIP service Providers and now focuses on the distribution of NGN equipment, providing IP consultancy and systems integration.

Pastels assumes that any data communications project should be planned within the context of an organization’s information strategy and policy. Observance of all internal policies and the company culture regarding outsourcing, turn-key procurement, buying of services or in-house development are essential to the Pastels way. Pastels seeks to understand with who the customer is connecting, what and how the users are going to communicate and what resources the organization possesses, financial, human or time- in order to implement the project. The company seeks to systematically collect data on the devices, transmission facilities, software and services that may be suitable and thereby ensure maximum interoperability and expansion potential. In each case, Pastels Inc assists with the system architecture, necessary features, costings and the financing options.